Tuesday, October 1

Blurred Lines --- Berlin

Hey guys,

wow, don't be so shocked. It's me Anni and I got a new post for you!
Not much to say: Was in Berlin last week, again by school. Took some photos and chose the special ones.

Blurred Lines - Lustgarten

Blurred Lines - Kupfergraben

Schloßplatz - Fernsehturm

Berlin Lustgarten

Blurred Lines - Hackesche Höfe

Green Bridge Village


BHF. Berlin

foggy Streetview - Fernsehturm

Blurred Lines - Berlin Mitte


Up! To the sky! - Fernsehturm

<3 <3 <3

Friday, February 22


Hey guys,

I' m sad, but I guess that it's time to do it.
I'm so involved doing my abitur, that it's not possible to post anymore.
Don't be to sad! If there is something mega-high-importend I sure will blog it! But not as often as I did once!

You could follow me on Instagram, where I'm quite active now, because it's not that time intensive.

My Account there is flowertopf.

Stay tuned!
Bye honis!
xx flowertopf

Friday, January 25

Snow is gone.

Hey guys,

I've got Semester Holidays and my weekend is supposed to be exciting!

I'll go to the 'Deichtorhallen' in Hamburg. There is the 'Haus der Fotografie' (House of Photographie) and I hope that there is a awesome exhibition! Lina is going to go there with me.
We might also go to the Schanzenviertel, a really interesting part of Hamburg, where many artists and tiny cute shops are! For exampel 'goldig' ! Bought a blazer there last summer and since than, I planned to go there again. <3 Some friends and me went to the Cro. concert in Braunschweig; you know Cro? The man with the panda mask? It was. so cool and I'm still tired :D

 Hope you gonna enjoy your weekend as well! Gonna see us soon ;)

Second photo isn't mine! Found it in Instagram at giulovesyou's